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International Student Program

Harmony School seeks to give international students the chance to learn about American culture, to improve their English, and to have an opportunity to pursue their education here in the U.S. if they desire. We also want to give our local students the opportunity to create friendships and to learn from other teenagers from around the world.  Here at Harmony School, we value all kinds of diversity. When individuals from different backgrounds come together, the experience enriches the lives of the individuals and the community as a whole.

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Harmony School is certified to issue applicants the Form I-20, necessary to receive an F-1 Visa.

Educational Opportunities

Harmony School is accredited by AdvancED. Harmony international students have the chance to learn about American culture and improve their English. We support all of our students in their applications to college, including preparation for the SAT and TOEFL, guidance in choosing schools, and support in preparing their applications. 100% of our international graduates have gone on to college in the U.S.

Harmony is located in Bloomington, IN, the home of Indiana University. Harmony High School students have the opportunity to take classes at Indiana University and be exposed to IU’s highly renowned programs. Our students are frequently admitted to:

Other colleges our international graduates have attended include University of San Francisco and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Minnesota, Earlham College, and Emerson College.


Our international program allows our local students to create friendships with teenagers from around the world. When individuals from different backgrounds come together, the experience enriches the individual lives as well as the community.



International students often live with friends or family in the Bloomington area. If an applicant cannot arrange their own home-stay, we can place them in a local home or at the International House, which is a private residence that specifically serves our International Program. This International House has a full time “houseparent” to look after your child’s welfare in the U.S., including food and transportation.

The current houseparent has a double degree in Mathematics and Economics from Indiana University, and she is a Harmony alumni. Her sister and three cousins also graduated from Harmony. She believes that, as a former international student, she is in a position to understand the needs of current international students and to help them open up their world. Below are pictures of the interior of the International House as well as a statement from the houseparent.

Letter from the Harmony International Houseparent …

When you open yourself to other cultures you find that none of us are not that different. When I first came to the United States at the age of 15, everything was new to me.  I was scared at the time, especially because I barely spoke English. Harmony School gave me an incomparable experience, helping me learn English and helping me progress academically. After graduating from Harmony I attended Indiana University, earning a double degree in Mathematic and Economics with a minor in Statistics. My experiences at Harmony helped me to succeed in college. 

After college, I decided to host international students who attend Harmony. I have heard about bad experiences that some international students encounter. This is usually not a reflection on the student or on the host family – it’s usually a communication issue.  Often the language barrier poses problems. Hosting an international student is a “people to people” experience that requires the ability to relate to people of different cultures and different personalities. With more than 10 years of life experiences as an international student and a host, I am in a good position to understand how a host family can affect a student’s daily life. I have supported individuals from  various cultural backgrounds, and I always try to use forward-thinking ideas to improve a student’s experience.  Our Hosting program will open up your child’s world in unforgettable ways, and help them build friendships that last a lifetime.

~ Jue Wang


Admission to Harmony’s International Program is primarily based on a video-call interview.  You may also choose to submit transcripts or your score from an English proficiency test such as the iTEP.

Application for Harmony School International Program and Housing

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International Program Application

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Housing and Payment Information:

Fee for international students is $16,500 per year. If you choose to have your child stay at the International House, then the fee is $23,500. Harmony will also need a one time $500 processing fee for the student's I-20 needed to generate an F1 Visa.
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Harmony School can arrange accommodations in the International House for an additional fee. If you choose this option for your child while at Harmony, then the fee is $23,500. Harmony will also need a one time $500 processing fee for the student's I-20 (needed to generate an F1 Visa.
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