Project Description

K-6 Introduction

The overall goal in the K-6 class is to create a room of motivated and enthusiastic learners and community members. We try to provide lots of opportunities for children to learn within the projects that we design. Each year we do different projects based on the students in our classroom. We value project-based learning and place-based education.  

The wide-range multi-age aspect of our classroom makes us unique. Most of our students have been with us for many years. We see this long-term relationship with their peers and teachers as a huge benefit to them. As younger students, they have opportunities to learn from their older classmates, while as older students, we see them grow into strong and supportive leaders and community members. As teachers, we are able to see their success, struggles, and growth over time. It allows us to understand a really big picture of who they are. 

K-6 Curriculum

Our curriculum and daily schedule changes throughout the year.  We make our decisions around students’ needs, students’ interest, and our own excitement around themes or curricular ideas.  

At times, we run a more traditional schedule, with a set time for reading, math, and writing.  We often have overriding theme in the classroom, like Forces of Motion, History of Nonviolent Movements, Science Play, Animal Research, and Businesses.  

Math:  All of our work revolves around helping students develop a good understanding of mathematical concepts and number sense. The strategies and numbers we use in our math work with the kids are all developmentally appropriate.  

Reading:  We use a combination of phonics instruction and a whole-language approach to teaching the basics of reading.  Our older students have access to our large classroom library and participate in book clubs. We strive to foster a love of reading.

Writing:  At times, our writing curriculum is embedded in our theme.  We also create writing units that focus on helping students develop a unique voice.  

Themes:  Science, Social Studies, History, the Arts, Conflict Resolution, and Community Development become the focus of our themes in the K-6 Classroom.  We have a few themes that we “repeat” by strong requests from the kids!

The social aspect of the K-6 class is super, super important — working together, creating and collaborating, problem solving, taking direction and also leading.  It is all important!

Family meeting is an important part of empowering K-6 students to participate in creating our classroom community. These meetings are student-led, with several different jobs that help students to practice skills necessary to engage with different groups. Students choose topics to discuss and we work on active listening and nonviolent communication strategies. These meetings really help to bring students together and encourage understanding and empathy.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff!

The K-6 class has a Spring and Fall trip to McCormicks Creek State Park.  The class stays at Camp McCormick in cabins, hikes the amazing trails of the park, goes on bike rides, and plays, plays, plays!

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