School Philosophy

Harmony School's philosophy upholds core values and concepts like nurturing the whole child and honoring their individual strengths and interests, as well as creating a strong community, a family environment, celebrating diversity, and enjoying a relaxed but inspiring learning atmosphere. Read more ...


School Curriculum

Our school curriculum consists of core classes focused on vital skills: critical reading and thinking, social and historical awareness, mathematical fluency, a grounding in scientific principles, and creative and flexible thinking. Hands-on exploration classes, frequent field trips, and family meetings are other key elements. Read more ...


School Policies

Even as we enjoy the freedoms of being a small school and close knit community not bound by strict rules and regulations, we do uphold guidelines to help us run smoothly. Our School Policies page covers everything from attendance and meals to transportation options and community use of the building. Read more ...


Early Childhood Program

When children are allowed to make meaningful choices, they gradually learn to make good decisions and take charge of their own learning. Learning is deepest when kids are interested and engaged. In the Early Childhood Program, the children's classroom curriculum and environment provides learning centers, open-ended experiences, and a rich variety of activities and projects.



Harmony School's Elementary Programs consist of kindergarten through 6th grade. Classrooms value individuality, project-based learning, and hands-on explorations and field trips.


Middle School

The ultimate goal of Harmony Middle School is to help students become truly invested in themselves, their classmates, and the wider world around them.


High School

Harmony High School seeks to inspire a love of learning in its students that will help them to become lifelong learners. It is our mission to help students prepare themselves for whatever college, job, or opportunity they wish to pursue after graduation. We work towards this goal in a holistic fashion, challenging the students physically, socially, intellectually and creatively.


International Student Program

Harmony invites students from all over the world to pursue their education here in the U.S. Through our International Students Program, students learn about American culture, improve their English, and have the opportunity to create many strong friendships.  When individuals from diverse places come together, the experience enriches the lives of the individuals and the community as a whole.


Harmony Offsite Program (HOP)

The Harmony Offsite Program (HOP) is open to students in any country and of any nationality. HOP students are enrolled full-time in Harmony, but there is no specific curriculum provided, nor is one required. As a HOP student, your child is matched with a dedicated education mentor who understands that each student is in a unique situation.

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